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If you are in need of a last minute candy-free valentine then I think you will like my You Are The Highlight Of My Day valentine. Print out the free printable, tape on a highlighter, and you're all set! Check out more simple and cute printables here.


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My Let's Stick Together valentine printable from last year was one of my favorites so I decided to update it by changing the font and adding two new colorways. You can adhere a sheet of stickers, a cute pack of bandaids, or a sticky pad to the valentine printable. I found heart shaped sticky pads at our local market which are perfect for these valentines. Write the recipient's name on the sticky pad or print out personalized labels.


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As you know, I love creating pretty packages and packaging holiday gifts is one of my favorite things to do in December. I loved creating The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages last year and had every intention of doing it again this year. And although I managed to create the twelve packages, I did not get around to photographing and blogging about them until now (work deadlines, holiday school parties and commitments got the best of me). But better late than never, right?

The great thing about the package designs is that they are not limited to the holidays, they can be used year-round for birthday gifts, party favors, etc. I chose some of my favorite colors, silver & grey, as the color palette for this year's The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages. 

Many of the packages are inspired by projects from my book, Pretty Packages, and only require a few supplies and materials. I know people think that it takes a lot of time to create a beautiful package, but if you have some basic materials and supplies at home, you can create a pretty package in less than five minutes. 

Package 1 / Letter Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages

Package 2 / Polka-Dot Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages

Package 3 / Letter Sticker Paper Lollipop Gift Topper

Package 4 / Crepe Paper Bow Gift Topper

Package 5 / Label Stickers Gift Card (inspired by the Label Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages)

Package 6 / Paper Rosette Gift Topper project from Pretty Packages

Package 7 / Corrugated Paper Book Wrap & Label Stickers Gift Card (inspired by the Label Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages)

Package 8 / Yarn Pom-Pom Topper & Handmade Glitter Tape Gift Wrap projects from Pretty Packages

Package 9 / Patterned Paper Mailing Tube with Letter Sticker Gift Tag (inspired by the Letter Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages)

Package 10 / SALLYJSHIM Merry & Bright Wrapping Paper with Mylar Bow (free download below)

Package 11 / Yarn Pom-Pom Topper project from Pretty Packages & Label Stickers Gift Tag (inspired by the Label Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages)

Package 12 / Stitched Paper Garland project from Pretty Packages & SALLYJSHIM Snow Wrapping Paper (free download below)

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Our annual Advent Calendar is one of my favorite things to make every year and helps our family get into the Christmas spirit. I've been making advent calendars since the boys were little and have shared them over the years (here and here and here). This year I was inspired to revisit our kraft box advent calendar that is my most blogged about and pinned DIY project to date.

This year I designed simple black and white number labels and printed them onto white sticker paper. I always love a good kraft and black & white combo.

The boxes are mounted on a white matte board which is affixed to the wall using mounting tape.

Inside each box is a slip of paper with a family activity on it or a special treat for the boys. For the larger goodies that don't fit inside the kraft boxes, I place them in a wooden box near the advent calendar. I love how excited the boys are each morning to open up a new box. 

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I am thrilled to share with you a collaboration I have been working on with BRIKA and several of my favorite artisans. A few months ago I was approached by BRIKA to curate exclusive gift boxes inspired by my book, Pretty Packages. I had so much fun brainstorming ideas and focused on including products that were both beautiful and functional. 

The WRAP IT UP gift box is perfect for someone who loves packaging unique and thoughtful gifts. The gift box includes an exclusive Dozi screenprinted furoshiki wrap in the beautiful (and best-selling) Scales pattern. The furoshiki wrap is 19"x19" and can be used to wrap small to medium sized boxes or odd-shaped gifts and also serves as a tea towel. The gift box also includes a set of exclusive Dozi gift tags (3 different designs, 24 total) in bright and festive colors. You will also find an exclusive Shapes & Colors Textiles' screenprinted zippered pouch in cobalt blue with a bright pink zipper. The pouch is a perfect alternative to a gift box or bag, just attach a gift tag to the zipper! And last, but not least, is a copy of Pretty Packages.

The PRETTY PAPER & PACKAGES gift box is perfect for all you paper and packaging lovers! It includes an exclusive Ampersandity hand-lettered "thank you" stamp, perfect for making handmade cards, gift tags or wrapping paper. It also includes a set of exclusive Ampersandity hand-lettered gift tags in two different designs (I think a gift wrapped with kraft paper and topped with one of these gift tags is simple and pretty packaging at its finest). You will also find a set of beautiful packaging inspired cards by Good on Paper. I was so amazed at how the design was inspired by the cover of Pretty Packages. And again, last but not least, is a copy of Pretty Packages.

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