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{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

One of my favorite end of the school year gifts to make is a scrapbook for J's teachers. Last year J's first grade teacher loved her scrapbook so much I decided to make another one for J's 2nd grade teacher. The kind folks at Kolo sent me a beautiful lake colored Trivino album which when paired with top loading pages makes a simple and easy to put together scrapbook. I had all of J's classmates decorate one 8.5"x11" piece of card stock. All of the students expressed their gratitude towards J's teacher by drawing pictures, making collages and or writing letters or stories. I added a little label for the front window of the scrapbook as well as a page with a list of all the students' names. I didn't have time to make a drawstring bag like last time so I wrapped it with kraft paper and added a handmade linen ribbon. I'm not sure who was more excited about the scrapbook, the kids or J's teacher!

SIDE NOTE: To make your own linen ribbon cut a strip of linen to the appropriate length and then begin fraying the edges by removing thread from the long sides of the fabric [I use a needle to pick up the thread]. When you have the desired amount of fringe, stop and tie around package. 

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Hi Sally, I'm curious about the practical side of these kind of projects you make. For example, did you buy the materials yourself? How did you get the kids to participate - did you talk to them or ask for the parents' help? Did other parents have any kind of contributions? Have you ever experienced not so nice feedback from other parents, for example, "you just want to show off" or "my kids cannot be bothered with this" or stuff like that?

This might sound funny coming from someone with no kids, but I'm really interested ;-)

07.7.2011 | Unregistered CommenterAlex

such a sweet and thoughtful project! the kids must have been so proud when they gave this to their teacher! x

07.7.2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoke

ALEX // As I mentioned in the post this scrapbook was sent to me by Kolo. In the past I have always purchased the albums myself. I purchased the card stock and distributed it to J's classmates. A note and email was sent to the parents. This was just one of the class gifts given to the teacher. And nope, I have never had any negative feedback from other parents, everyone is more than happy to contribute to a nice memento for the teacher. Hope I answered all your questions!

JOKE // :)

07.7.2011 | Unregistered CommenterSALLYJSHIM

Thank you so much for your answers Sally! I'm glad you've never had any negative experinces (some of my friends who are mothers had, that's why I asked).

07.8.2011 | Unregistered CommenterAlex

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