I'm so happy to report that Portland finally has a Crewcuts store (at Washington Square). I was invited by one of my friends (who is a personal shopper for J.Crew) to the sneak peek of their collection on Saturday. They had mini cupcakes and brownie bites as well as big rainbow swirl lollipops as treats for the little (and big) kids. I picked up a few stripey t-shirts and cotton lounge pants for the boys (perfect for our long flight to Korea) as well as a some bracelets for myself. Today is their official grand opening and there will be treats to make your shopping a bit sweeter.



{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

Thank you all for the well wishes regarding our upcoming move to Korea (the photograph above was taken in March and is the boardwalk right next to our new home)! It has been a busy and full week juggling pre-moving tasks and finishing up some projects. I'm looking forward to a relaxing Friday night at home with my boys. Tomorrow we'll be cheering j on at his last soccer game of the season and the boys and I will also be finishing up the decorations for their school Halloween party. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

A few lovely things...

1. My dear friend Bonnie Tsang is offering a limited number of portrait sessions in November. Bonnie has taken my favorite photographs of the boys, documented our eating adventures together and is also reponsible for making me less fearful of having my photograph taken. There only three spots left so hurry up if you want beautiful photographs!

2. Amanda Jane Jones is giving away a custom designed Year In Review. I love her clean and simple designs and a Year In Review would be perfect to send to family and friends for the holidays. 

3. I love my friend Jenna's new Mixed Race Project. Her writing and photography has always touched me and with this new project she has used her gift of storytelling to paint portraits of multiracial families across the country. 



{House & Hold}

I've always loved Ferm Living's wallpaper designs. So it should be no surprise that I love their new home desktop accessories like the wood clipboard and letter tray. (And if you haven't checked out the lovely new House & Hold you should!)



{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

A few weeks ago j went to his friend's 7th birthday party. His friend Miss N is an animal loving, non-girly (no pink or glitter for her) girl. Last year this was the gift we gave her and this year we decided on some simple animal freezer paper stencil t-shirts. Freezer paper stencil t-shirts are my "go to" birthday gift and I was looking back at SHIM + SONS and realized I've been making them since 2006. If you're not familiar with how to use freezer paper stencils you can see my tutorial here. Miss N is taking horse back riding lessons and loves dogs so I found a few free clipart of a dog and horse. After we finished the t-shirts we packaged them up in a kraft box (from my trip to Tokyo) and added a personalized label. I heard the birthday girl loved her t-shirts (her mother tells me she is super picky about what she wears) which made me happy.



{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

One of my favorite dresses and the dress shown in my Oh Joy! closet & casa feature was made using a pattern from a nooy Japanese sewing book (ISBN 978-4-579-11298-2). (Please note I have never ordered anything from Amazon Japan but you can find instructions here.) I purchased this book last year at our local Kinokuniya bookstore and it is my favorite sewing book. Since I am a big fan of nooy it is not a surprise that I love the patterns in this book. The book contains 25 dress, tunic, skirt, pant and jacket patterns. If you are not familiar with using Japanese pattern books you should know that the patterns come printed on a huge sheet of paper with pieces overlapping one another. It is a bit tedious but you have to trace each pattern piece onto tracing paper (I use Birch Street tracing paper which I purchased locally at Modern Domestic). Once the pattern pieces are cut out the cutting of fabric and sewing of the dress comes together really quickly. Case in point, I made three dresses using this pattern in one weekend. For this specific dress I used the F1 pattern and a striped linen from Mill End. I usually wear a size 0 so I used the smallest size for this pattern. Most Japanese sewing patterns do not include a seam allowance but this has never been an issue for me because the styles I choose are very loose. Even though I used the smallest pattern size I had to take in the sides a good three inches on each side because it was too big. Also note that the pattern does not have any darts but because I have a small chest this is not an issue for me. There are only four pieces for this dress and I made the top portion so that the stripes were vertical and the bottom portion with horizontal stripes. My favorite part of the dress is the raw selvedge that I used for the hem of the dress. And for those who don't sew, I have a blog reader who bought the book and took it to a seamstress to have a few dresses made for her. So even non-sewers can have their own simple dress (although of course I want to encourage you to learn to sew).



nooy is a Japanese clothing company founded by Natsuko Wakayama and Yoshika Hirayama. It is one of my favorite clothing brands and I love their philosophy that "everyone is always lovely". They create classic clothing for women of all ages. I am a big fan of their sewing pattern book and after seeing these photographs I really want some pretty white oxfords. I am also looking forward to seeing their new nooy kitchen line, I can only imagine how beautiful it will be.