{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

I surprised the boys after their first day of school with some goodies from Pearl Bakery. Their seasonal berry tarts are my favorite. I also love their chocolate chunk cookies and since j is a macaron fan I picked up a peach + ginger and pistachio macarons. J's all time favorite pastry is pain au chocolat so of course I had to grab one of those too! I made some simple food flags to decorate the baked goods. The boys were happy campers when they came home and saw these goodies on the kitchen table. They ate one sweet treat and then I packed another one in their lunch today.



{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

The boys went back to school yesterday which is always a bittersweet day. As much as I love having them home with me during the summer I am also so excited to see them grow and thrive at school among their teachers and peers. The beginning of the school year energy is also contagious and is making me want to buckle down and work on some projects for work and just for fun! 



{Chihiro Tanaka}

When Appah and I were in Tokyo a few years ago we came across the Light Couture exhibition by Chihiro Tanaka. I was mesmerized by the beautiful handmade lights with all the intricate folds. I love the idea of one of these beautiful light sculptures hanging in a room in our house.



{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

After such a fun day at the beach I decided to take the boys back the following day. I surprised them the next morning by having the car all packed with our beach gear. They were so excited and happily made the hour plus drive back to Tolovana Beach. I always seem to forget how close we are to the beach. It is such a beautiful drive out there that the time flies by so quickly. It felt like a repeat of the day before, we ate clam chowder at Mo's, picked up some baked goodies from Waves of Grain Bakery and camped out at the beach for the day. The weather was typical Oregon beach weather [which I love], cool and windy. The boys spent hours digging in the sand and creating rock forts for their dinosaurs. We created pictures with rocks and I squeezed in a little nap. I really miss living in Busan where we lived right by the East Sea. There is something so calming about watching the ebb and flow of the waves. We're already looking forward to our next trip to the beach!



{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

A simple date stamp gift tag is the perfect gift tag to make when you're in a hurry. Details here on the SHIMTOKK blog.



{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

There are four more days left of summer vacation. So of course it felt right to take the boys to the beach for the day. It was a last minute trip so I thought we could pick up some beach buckets and shovels at the store but they were sold out so we improvised with Halloween buckets and plastic ladles. Before we hit the beach we fueled ourselves with clam chowder and fish & chips from Mo's and grabbed cookies and pot de crème from Waves of Grain Bakery. We spent the day digging in the sand, had contests on who could stack the most rocks and laughed and told silly jokes. As the boys get older these last days of summer are getting more and more bittersweet.