One of my boys' favorite toys growing up was a toy cash register full of toy money. Although they don't use the toy cash register as much as before, they still use the play money. Play money is not only fun for kids to play with it but it also helps them learn how to count, add, and subtract money. So as another non-candy valentine alternative (see other non-candy alternatives here and here and here) I thought it would be fun to design "I Can Count On You" Valentine printables and attach a set of play money.

You can purchase play money online or at your local educational supply store. If you cannot locate play money try packaging a set of number magnets or number cards.

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I remember how stickers and a blank notebook would occupy my boys for at least 1/2 hour after a meal in a restaurant, allowing the adults time to enjoy our meals. Although my boys have outgrown their sticker stage, I am living in Korea where the stickers don't get any cuter so I find myself picking up stickers for friends with young kids.

Seeing so many cute stickers gave me the idea of creating valentines where you can attach a sheet of stickers. Stickers are great because most kids like them and you can buy different stickers depending on the interests of each child.

Another alternative to the stickers, but sticking with the "Let's Stick Together" theme, is to attach magnets to the valentines. I found a set of magnets at our local shop. My boys used to love playing with magnets and picking up metal toys and paper clips with them.

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When the boys were younger we would often play "I Spy" when we were in situations where we had to pass some time. So when I came across these magnifying glasses at our local shop I thought they would be perfect for non-sweet valentines. 

The I Spy Valentine Cards fit the mini magnifying glasses. All you need to do is print out the card and use a piece of washi tape to adhere it to the card. For the regular size magnifying glasses I designed little I Spy Valentine Gift Tags that you can tie onto the magnifying glass handle with a piece of ribbon. Check out your local party supply store for magnifying glasses in the party favor section or you can also use mini binoculars

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and this week I will be sharing some simple and fun Valentine's Day projects. First up, Valentine Bunny cards! I designed two versions of the Valentine Bunny cards, a "Be Mine" balloon and another one where you can insert a real balloon.

The Valentine Bunny Be Mine card only requires white cardstock and a printer. The Valentine Bunny Balloon card requires a few more supplies, but is very easy to make.


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Living by the beach for the past two years our family has seen our fair share of kites. But it wasn't until recently that I learned February 8 is Kite Flying Day. Did you know this special day existed? So in honor of this fun holiday I designed a Kite Flying Day Party Invitation DIY for Oh Happy Day.

If February is not ideal kite flying weather in your neck of the woods, then you can always save this idea and use it for a summer party or kids birthday party. You can also make the little paper kites and use them as a cake or cupcake topper. 

You can read about how to make a Kite Flying Day Party Invitation right here.



As I mentioned in my "Getting Organized in 2014" post, using pretty and functional goods is important to me. There's nothing like opening up a nicely designed planner or notebook to help me get motivated to be organized and get some work done. Korea is the land of cute paper goods and over the past several months I have collected a nice stash of goodies to give away to one lucky reader. 

What is shown in the photographs is less than one half of what you will be receiving. I want the package to be a surprise for the lucky reader, but you can see a sneak peek over on Instagram at #sallyjshimhappy2014giveaway. How can you enter to win some Korean goodies?

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