I am grateful to be participating with over fifty other artists and designers in HEARTS + HANDS. Please read more below.

HEARTS + HANDS is a community effort organized by Lynn Russell of Satsuma Press. What has happened and is happening in Japan is heartbreaking – and we believe there are ways, both big and small, to help. This is what we are able to do – from the heart, made by our hands. 

In 48 hours, fifty independent artists and studios have agreed to donate prizes for the raffle – and that list is still growing. Raffle tickets are for sale now at for $10 each.  

100% of the proceeds from the HEARTS + HANDS raffle will be donated to relief efforts in Japan in the aftermath of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.


{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

I thought we were all prepared for our spring break vacation. The house was cleaned, fridge was full for our house sitter, bags were packed. But we experienced a few unexpected changes in our travel plans [missed connection due to a departure delay on our first flight, being without our luggage for one day due to a little airline error] so we arrived here in Busan, South Korea a day late [and very tired]. Five airports and 18+ hours on an airplane later we are so happy to be back "home". We are staying at a hotel on the beach only a mile from our old apartment. We've already had a full day of delicious food [my favorite was the blowfish soup] and meeting up with old friends. I'm feeling so grateful that we are able to spend this time here in Busan.

We've canceled the Tokyo leg of our trip and are thinking about heading to Hong Kong instead. I admit I am disappointed not being able to go to Tokyo since it is my 2nd favorite city in the world [Busan being my #1] but we will eventually go back. In the meantime I keep thinking about the people of Japan and for their loss and devastation. I feel like the only thing I can do for them is pray and give in whatever way possible. [More on that in my next post.] While I am away I will be posting some images from our 2009 trip to Tokyo [like the one above] as we continue to keep Japan in our thoughts and prayers.




I love classic wood toys so when I came across these beautiful cargo ships it was love at first sight. The ships were designed by PostlerFerguson, a London based design studio and they are being sold under the brand Papa Foxtrot. I think these wood ships would be loved by design minded parents and children alike.

{via Babyology}



{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

I love using newsprint to wrap gifts. It is an inexpensive + simple alternative to wrapping paper. You can buy it in sheets or rolls. Add a little Japanese washi tape and an alphabet stamp and you're good to go. [I bought my rolling alphabet stamp in Korea and you can find something similar here.]


[WEAR] Little Girly Stripes


I love neutrals. I love stripes. I love these girly stripes! One of each, pretty please!