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A belated THANK YOU to everyone who filled out my first blog survey. I had so much fun going through the results of the survey and especially reading comments about what you like and want to see more of on my blog. Looks like many of you want to see more diy projects, packaging ideas, travel/food recommendations, party ideas, printables, boys' style inspiration, and surprisingly lots of folks requested I start a style series of my own. Sometimes if I look around at other blogs it is easy to feel lost in the sea of other creative and lifestyle blogs, but when I focus on my blog as a creative outlet, it is interesting how all those insecurities seem to decrease. Ultimately I want to stay true to myself and blog about content I feel passionate about, but I've always been curious about why people tune in and keep reading my blog. I feel like I have gotten to know you, my friends and readers, a lot better. Thank you!! 

It is hard to believe I've been blogging for almost EIGHT years now, and although I've had my lulls and quiet moments, I am always drawn back to my little space on the internet. I have realized how important it is for me to document bits and pieces of my life and creative work. I have plans to experiment a bit on the blog as well as add new original content, all of which makes me excited. For the next few months I will be immersed in a big project I am working on, but this summer expect some fun new changes and additions here. Thanks for tuning in and making blogging an enjoyable endeavor!



I started blogging almost eight years ago as a mother of a two-year old and newborn. Blogging was my creative outlet and a wonderful way to document my life with my growing family. I first started off writing a private blog only accessible to family and close friends. Over time my blog became public and I gradually started making connections with other creative women around the country and world. I eventually moved over to my SHIM & SONS blog and after many wonderful years over there, I moved over here in to my current space, SALLYJSHIM. There are some folks who have followed me from blog to blog over the years and there are folks that only recently tuned in to my blog. Whoever you might be, I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for visiting this space and for the encouragement and support. 

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{Layout from Oh Joy! & Babble}

It has been a busy week here at SALLYJSHIM. I was delighted to be featured on this week's Oh Joy's closet & casa. To tell you the truth I struggled a bit picking a favorite clothing item and home accessory because I know the Joy's blog aethestic is bright and colorful and well, my favorite color is grey. But I stayed true to myself and picked one of my favorite dresses which I made last fall (and wear all the time). I've received many inquiries about the dress pattern so I will share it very soon (along with some suggestions if you are planning to make one yourself). I was also honored to be a part of Babble's Top 50 Design Blogs for Mom, 2011. Wow, I am in some amazing company and was very happy to see so many of my mommy blogger friends on the list. 

It is interesting to look back on my blog journey, starting over six years ago with a personal blog and then slowly making it into a personal (but more public) blog which all led to my SALLYJSHIM blog. I really do love this space and enjoy cataloging and documenting my life here. I want to thank each and every one of you who comes to visit this space, I really appreciate your support and kind words.




{Photographs by Bonnie Tsang}

Hello, Friends! I'm excited to share some fun news with you. Joke and I just launched SHIMTOKK, a collaborative blog. Each week we will be posting about our packaging projects, workshops and tutorials. If you love pretty packages then we think you'll love SHIMTOKK. If you hop on over there you'll find photographs from our first PACKAGING 101 workshop at SUMMER SCHOOL PORTLAND [a big thank you to our dear friend Bonnie Tsang for the lovely images!], tutorials on how to make a pretty Rainbow Twine Box and Paper Popcorn Holders and a peek at some of our favorite packaging supplies. And if you're the tweeting type you can follow us on Twitter [@SHIMTOKK]. 



{Photograph by Bonnie Tsang}

Happy Friday, Friends! I'm in the process of updating bits and pieces of this blog and first up is a brand new head shot on my "ABOUT" page. Big thanks to my dear friend Bonnie Tsang for taking photographs of me on her last visit from LA. Stay tuned for an updated "PORTFOLIO" gallery as well as a some fun new posts. Hope you have a wonderful summer weekend!




{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

I love blogging and having my own little space to document life. And the majority of the time it is a positive and fulfilling experience. But I admit there are times when I get confused what the boundaries are with respect to blogging, particularly when my photographs are used without permission on other websites. Chelsea has started a very interesting discussion regarding photograph usage over here. And I just wanted to add my two-cents with respect to my blogs. On my SHIM + SONS blog I have always had a copyright notice on the right hand column which states "Please ask permission to use any content or photographs from this site." This blog has a similar notice at the bottom of the site. You want to know how many requests I've actually received in the almost six years I've been blogging? Less than a dozen requests. Do you want to know how many times people have published my original photographs on their blogs? Many, many times. I think most of the time people honestly have the best intentions and are "borrowing" images from my site to help promote my blog or shoppe and I truly appreciate it. But that still doesn't take away from the fact that people should ask permission to use my photographs. Since all the photographs from my SHIM + SONS blog and many of the photographs on this blog are original I would like to keep track where they are being re-posted. I am particularly sensitive about photographs of my boys being posted on other sites [e.g., pinterest, tumblr]. For the most part I would like to keep their photographs contained to my blogs. So whether I know you and you run a beautiful big blog or you are someone who has a tiny personal blog, please request permission to post any of my photographs. You can email me at HELLO {at} SALLYJSHIM {dot} COM and I promise to respond within 48 hours of your request. Thank you so much in advance for understanding.