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One of the perks of living in Busan is easy access to Japan. Last year we went on family trips to Tokyo and Fukuoka and Osaka was the next Japanese city on our "to visit" list. Although I think spring or fall are the best times to visit Japan (spring being my favorite, hello beautiful cherry blossom trees!), due to Appah's work schedule we went a few weeks ago in mid-August. As expected the weather was hot and humid, but thankfully our hotel was connected to a train station and all our destinations were close to train/subway stations. 

If you ask the boys what their favorite thing about Japan is, they will immediately answer "the good food"! I have to agree! We ate bowls and bowls of delicious udon and donburi, plates of perfectly fried katsu, fresh sushi, and shabu shabu. For breakfast we love going to the quick and cheap "diners" where you buy food tickets from the machine (j's absolute favorite). Busan is lacking in good burgers so we even sacrificed one meal and ate some burgers and fries in Osaka. And since the weather was hot we enjoyed eating ice cream every day (I love green tea floats)!

Although I originally had a long list of sites to visit in Osaka, once I realized it was going to be hot and humid I decided to play it by ear and focus on relaxing and having fun together as a family. So in between our three delicious Japanese meals each day we took the boys to their favorite store on earth (the Pokemon Center) and a few of my favorite stores (Uniqlo, Muji, and Tokyu Hands).

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In a few weeks we will be heading to Osaka, the next stop on our list of places to visit in Japan. One of my favorite things about living in Busan, other than the amazing food, friendly people, and beautiful beaches, is the close proximity to Japan. On a clear day we can see Japan across the ocean from our apartment. The boys and I have never visited Osaka and we are excited to explore and eat our way through the city. If you have any recommendations on places to visit or eat, please let me know!




In less than a week we're heading over to Fukuoka, Japan for a little family vacation. I'm finally getting around to sorting through our photographs from our trip to Tokyo in April. We had such a good time showing the boys around Tokyo (their first time to Japan) and they are thrilled to be returning to Japan. I'm excited to explore Fukuoka since this is my first time visiting (Appah has been there several times). If anyone has suggestions on places to visit or restaurants to eat at please let me know! I plan to be Instagramming throughout our trip. 



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It has been over three years since my first trip to Tokyo and I'm so thrilled to be heading back next week with the entire family. Last time Appah and I were able to enjoy the beautiful city sans boys but this time they're coming along and they couldn't be more happy. We'll be visiting an old friend who is currently living in Tokyo with her family and re-visiting some favorite spots. And although this trip will be geared towards the boys' interests it is bound to be filled with good food and beautiful sights. I can't wait to share photographs from our Tokyo adventure!



nooy is a Japanese clothing company founded by Natsuko Wakayama and Yoshika Hirayama. It is one of my favorite clothing brands and I love their philosophy that "everyone is always lovely". They create classic clothing for women of all ages. I am a big fan of their sewing pattern book and after seeing these photographs I really want some pretty white oxfords. I am also looking forward to seeing their new nooy kitchen line, I can only imagine how beautiful it will be.