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Although it is the last week of January, it is technically still the beginning of the new year so I thought I would share some of the ways in which I am getting organized this year. I love the beginning of a new year and all the hope and anticipation it brings. I'm not a big new year's resolution type of person, but I do like to make both personal and professional goals. This year I decided to make fewer goals, but goals that were meaningful to me. For each goal I also wrote down concrete ways in which I will achieve them. (Wish me luck!) Achieving goals definitely means I have to be organized with my time and what better way to get organized then by using well-designed planners, calendars, and notepads. I'm fortunate to live in Korea, home of super cute (and functional) paper goods. 

I love my Big Monthly Planner, this guy is 12"x16.5" with huge squares to jot things down. I use this to plan out my workflow for the week, marking down my work schedule and project deadlines.

I bought this black Muji planner earlier this month so it was 30% off. It has a nice suede cover and my favorite thing about it is it has the individual months in the front of the planner and then the rest is a weekly calendar. One side of the weekly calendar are the days of the week and the other is a blank grid paper which is convenient to jot down notes or sketches. I've also been using this erasable pen in my planner. Although this is my all-time favorite pen, I love being able to erase anything I want in my planner. And as you can see I use plenty of sticky tabs and sticky notes in my planner.

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I've mentioned before how I think Pinterest is a great tool for organizing inspiration on the internet. And lately I've been on a pinning craze. Instead of having a million bookmarks on my computer I have been cataloging fun diy projects, yummy recipes, style inspiration, and party ideas on different boards. I'll be sharing some Valentine's Day projects over the next few weeks, but in the meantime you might want to check out my Be Mine Pinterest Board, which has over 200 pins. You can follow me on Pinterest over here.



I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things about welcoming in a new year is all the possibilities it holds. Instead of thinking about what I haven't accomplished, it is time to focus and get motivated to make the new year a better one. Even though I love the conveniences of technology and all the helpful apps out there, I am still a firm believer in a good ol' trusty notebook and pencil/pen. And nothing beats picking out the perfect notebook to jot down my goals/ideas/ or sketch out designs/projects. I found the "Hmm" notebook (by Her bike, a Korean company) at a local stationery shop and love the silver foil on kraft cover. 


I've had this O-Check Design Graphics sketchbook in my stash for a few years and I am happy to finally be putting it to good use to sketch out some designs for a new project. I love that the front cover functions as a folder to slip in random paper and the elastic band is handy for keeping the sketchbook closed. Hope this year involves new ideas and fun projects for you (or at least a few cute notebooks)!




I am one of those people that cannot function without a to do list in hand. I know there are some amazing folks out there that keep all the important stuff all organized in their heads, but I am not one of them. I need to do lists, checklists, and calendars to keep me sane. And I actually admit that I usually have three to do lists in my studio on any given day because I am super paranoid about forgetting something or missing a deadline (and slightly addicted to crossing things off my list). Even though I love my trusty pen + paper to do list, I am always looking around for new ways to keep my life organized. Last year I designed my Hanging To Do List, which worked well for me. But after the move I parted ways with that system and went back to my notebook and pen method. The other day I was at the bookstore and found a lightweight black whiteboard that I thought I could use to write down my to do list. Once I spotted the Japanese neon dry erase markers I was sold! I swapped out the black chain that the black whiteboard was hanging from and replaced it with some neon masonry twine. The black whiteboard hangs above my desk and is doing a good job of reminding me about what things I need to take care of on any given day.



{West Elm}

I love to organize and make spaces within our home efficient and streamlined. One "must have" in terms of organizing your home or work space is having proper containers for everything. And it doesn't hurt when the containers are pretty like these glass jars with cork lids from West Elm. They would be perfect to store flour, sugar, salt in the kitchen or beads, buttons and ribbon in your studio.



{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

Spring is the busiest time of year at Casa Shim. It kicks off with our anniversary, my birthday followed by J's birthday three days later. And then there is a quiet lull for a bit and then it is j's birthday and a dozen end of the school year activities--class party coordinating, volunteering at school events, chaperoning field trips and helping teachers with various projects. This is all in addition to my actual "work" which definitely has been cutting into my sleep time these days. {insert yawn} Oh and then there's the PACKAGING101 workshop that Joke and I are preparing for as well as some other fun projects in the works. I'm not complaining though because I feel extremely blessed to be doing what I love to do. But one must have a system to stay organized and to keep it all under control. I'm a visual person so I need to be able to SEE what I need to DO in order for it to get DONE. I used to use my pinstrip to organize my tasks in order of importance but I haven't found the right spot for it in my studio so sadly it is sitting in the corner collecting dust at the moment. I do have a large linen pinboard hanging above my computer which I used to pin pieces of paper with project descriptions on it. Over the weekend I finally spent time creating a system to help me stay on top of my projects. First off I designed and printed little "index" cards with a space for 1) task name, 2) description and 3) due date.

Then I filled out cards with all the tasks on my to do list.

Once a task is completed I stamp it with a "Delivered {Date}". Can I tell you how satisfying it is to see that stamp on a card? Very. 

I put on a mini binder clip on the top of each card and then placed 30 little pins in a 6x5 grid on the pinboard. All the cards are lined up in order of importance [due dates] so I can always have a gauge of what I should be working on next. The great thing is if a new task comes into the mix I can switch up the order of the cards. So far this is working great for me. [I keep thinking a wood + nail version would be super cute, too.] I still make my daily to do list but I only put the tasks that require immediate attention on the list. Do you have a system for organizing your tasks? Please do tell!