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One of the perks of living in Busan is easy access to Japan. Last year we went on family trips to Tokyo and Fukuoka and Osaka was the next Japanese city on our "to visit" list. Although I think spring or fall are the best times to visit Japan (spring being my favorite, hello beautiful cherry blossom trees!), due to Appah's work schedule we went a few weeks ago in mid-August. As expected the weather was hot and humid, but thankfully our hotel was connected to a train station and all our destinations were close to train/subway stations. 

If you ask the boys what their favorite thing about Japan is, they will immediately answer "the good food"! I have to agree! We ate bowls and bowls of delicious udon and donburi, plates of perfectly fried katsu, fresh sushi, and shabu shabu. For breakfast we love going to the quick and cheap "diners" where you buy food tickets from the machine (j's absolute favorite). Busan is lacking in good burgers so we even sacrificed one meal and ate some burgers and fries in Osaka. And since the weather was hot we enjoyed eating ice cream every day (I love green tea floats)!

Although I originally had a long list of sites to visit in Osaka, once I realized it was going to be hot and humid I decided to play it by ear and focus on relaxing and having fun together as a family. So in between our three delicious Japanese meals each day we took the boys to their favorite store on earth (the Pokemon Center) and a few of my favorite stores (Uniqlo, Muji, and Tokyu Hands).

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The beginning of August has arrived which means we will leave for our Osaka adventure this weekend and the boys will return to school in 1.5 weeks. The summer really flew by and although I think there is more that I could have accomplished, I am happy with our leisurely summer pace. So as we say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year, I made a few fun goals for August.


+ Eat a lot of pahtbingu (Korean shaved ice).

+ Enjoy creative time with my boys (we just finished making some fun handmade clay bead necklaces).

+ Sew two more dresses (I don't think I will be meeting my goal of 10 dresses, but I'm trying!).

+ Write some belated handwritten thank you cards (it is never too late in my book!).

+ Clean out our closets (pass along, donate old clothes). (What, this doesn't sound like fun to you?)

What are you fun goals?



So many of my friends are pregnant or have recently given birth, so I have babies (and baby clothing) on my mind. I adore the beautiful clothing produced by MUKU. Founded by a couple in Lithuania, MUKU clothing is a "balance between form and function with each product being designed with your child in mind." I love the simple and clean lines, natural fabrics, and muted color palette. MUKU also has a womens and home line, although I have to say I am more partial to their girls line (I wish they would offer the line in big girl/small mama sizes). 



I wrote about my nail care routine almost two years ago, so I think it is time for an update. About a year ago I started getting a weekly manicure because I had an hour to spare in between drop-off and pick-up time for the boys' robotics class. I enjoyed seeing my dry, ragged cuticles getting some TLC every week especially because I work with my hands every day and often neglect them the other six days of the week. But it would always bother me how my manicure would chip by Day 2-3, no matter how careful I was. So about six months ago I decided to try my first gel manicure. I was a little hesistant because I thought it would ruin my nails, but so far so good. I love that my gel manicures can last up to 4 weeks with no chips (and I'm pretty rough on my nails). Although you can see some new growth around my cuticle area, I always get french manicures so the growth blends into the clear part of my manicure. I love the convenience of the gel manicures and I've managed to incorporate a simple nail care routine to help keep my cuticles and hands from looking too ragged.

1. Butter London Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil // I never understood the idea behind cuticle oil until now! I apply this cuticle oil on my cuticles before I go to bed and it prevents my cuticles from looking dry and unsightly. I love the coconut/pinepple scent. (I also heard you can also rub coconut oil or dry oil into your cuticles in lieu of cuticle oil.)

2. Butter London Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator // I use this once a week in lieu of a weekly manicure. I rub it into my cuticles and it gentle exfoliates them and makes them smaller and less tough.

3. Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Hand Cream / Tony Moly is one of my favorite inexpensive Korean beauty lines. My hands are super dry and although there are many good hand creams out there, most of them make my hands feel too greasy. Don't let the "snail" part scare you, although I would completely understand if it does. This hand cream contains snail secretion filtrate as well as some plant extracts that help stimulate collagen and moisturizes your hands. It also has a nice light citrus scent. 

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen my manicure & sweet treat photgraphs. My nail stylist keeps trying to get me to do more daring things with my nails (think every nail a different color or major nail art), so stay tuned!