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I love fonts and have been known to spend hours in search of the perfect font for a project. There are so many beautifully designed fonts out there so I thought that time to time I would share a favorite with you. Right now I am loving the free LOVELO font designed by Renzler Design. It is a beautiful geometric sans serif typeface (my favorite font type) and comes with two lovely line versions, light (shown above) and bold. I have already used Lovelo for several projects and absolutely love it.

And in case you have a few hours to spare, here are some of my favorite font sites...

+ My Fonts

+ The League of Movable Type

+ Lost Type Co-op

+ Font Fabric

+ DaFont

+ House Industries

+ Font Shop

+ Tart Workshop

+ Font Squirrel

If you ever come across a font on a website that you fancy but don't know the name, use What the Font to track down the font name (or a close match). What are your favorite sources for fonts? Any fonts catch your eye lately?



I am not a fan of hot weather, but I do love summer nights. Nothing beats walking along the beach, watching the sunset, and enjoying the cool breeze. Hope you have a wonderful summer weekend!



In a few weeks we will be heading to Osaka, the next stop on our list of places to visit in Japan. One of my favorite things about living in Busan, other than the amazing food, friendly people, and beautiful beaches, is the close proximity to Japan. On a clear day we can see Japan across the ocean from our apartment. The boys and I have never visited Osaka and we are excited to explore and eat our way through the city. If you have any recommendations on places to visit or eat, please let me know!



I am loving my friend Jen's (of Sophie & Lili fame) new collaboration with House of Mia. I adore all of Jen's beautiful sketches (you can order your own custom watercolor sketch here) and now they are being printed by House of Mia as limited edition infant and toddler cuffed leggings and knotted headbands. The Sophie & Lili + House of Mia collaboration pieces are only available by pre-order, so hurry and order them for the sweet little girl(s) in your life!



J turned 10 years old back in April (yes, I am still in shock) and Appah wanted to do something special for our double-digits boy. As our lives have become more nomadic over the years we have learned to value experiences over material goods and Appah came up with the briliant idea of giving J a chocolate bar ala "Wonka Bar" with a golden ticket inside. The golden ticket would allow J to go on a trip anywhere in the world with Appah. It was my job to design the "Shim Bar" and golden ticket. The chocolate bar box is made of kraft cardstock (I will post a tutorial later) and sticker paper.

J loves chocolate and he was just excited to get a bar of chocolate. Little did he know what was in store for him.

We had the boys watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original one) the week before his birthday, just to set the mood for his upcoming surprise birthday gift. It was cute to see his reaction when he discovered the golden ticket. Once he realized he could pick any destination in the entire world, he immediately said his choice...


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I always find it interesting to read personal beauty posts, which is why I started writing about my skincare and makeup routines. I've been meaning to write a haircare post for awhile since I actually get quite a few emails asking me about my haircare routine. I've always had a love/hate relationship with hair. I love having a nicely styled head of hair, but I don't enjoy styling it. As I was writing this post I realized how much hair can be a part of our identity, I can remember my hair style at any given moment in my life. Throughout my childhood I had long straight hair with bangs, minus the spiral perm I got in 6th grade.

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