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We have a tradition of giving the boys non-traditional Easter baskets. Some of my favorites have been the art toolbox and the secret agent kits (happy to report my boys are still this goofy). This year I put together art kits for the boys and designed these Easter gift tags. I'm not much of an illustrator, but one of my goals this year is to challenge myself design-wise so I took on the challenge of creating a little bunny face. Even though it took me a long time to create this simple-looking bunny, it was a fun learning process. 

I also designed these Easter cards so we could write the boys a little note. 

I'm offering the Easter gift tags and cards as a free printable. If you're not feeling the black and white palette, try printing the designs on to colored cardstock.

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I started blogging almost eight years ago as a mother of a two-year old and newborn. Blogging was my creative outlet and a wonderful way to document my life with my growing family. I first started off writing a private blog only accessible to family and close friends. Over time my blog became public and I gradually started making connections with other creative women around the country and world. I eventually moved over to my SHIM & SONS blog and after many wonderful years over there, I moved over here in to my current space, SALLYJSHIM. There are some folks who have followed me from blog to blog over the years and there are folks that only recently tuned in to my blog. Whoever you might be, I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for visiting this space and for the encouragement and support. 

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