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{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my TAG SALE. We've sold out on some of the goodies but still have some fun stuff left and I added a few more boxes of my favorite Korean fabric. It feels good to reduce the amount of "stuff" in my studio and I'm hoping to add a few more things to the TAG SALE later this week. Then it is crunch time for packing! One of my favorite things to do when hosting a tag sale is coming up with cute and simple thank you goodies. These would be great as party favors or in lieu of a thank you card.

T H A N K  Y O U  T R E A T  B A G S


1. Glassine bag

2. Sticker paper

4. Scissors or Paper cutter

5. Washi tape

6. Candy or goodies [I love picking up pretty Japanese candy at our local market.]


1. Print THANK YOU labels on to white sticker paper.

2. Cut out labels with scissors or paper cutter.

3. Peel backing off of label and place on glassine bag.

4. Fill glassine bag with candy or goodies.

5. Cut a strip of washi tape and seal the bag.


[STYLE] J + j  014

{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

J  +  j   0 1 4  //  PORTLAND, OREGON

SWEATER  //  H&M  (Love the elbow patches!)

SCARF  //  Zara Kids  (Gift from Irene in Paris)

SHIRT  //  Crewcuts



SHOES // Vans



{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

On my last trip to Korea I was visiting one of my favorite stationery + office supply shops when I spotted a bunch of colored dot stickers. I've seen similar stickers at office supply stores here in the U.S. but when I noticed that the dot stickers in Korea came in mini sizes this made me quite excited. I immediately envisioned using the mini dot stickers to decorate packages or write out initials or spell out words. I grabbed a huge stack of colored dot stickers knowing that I would put them to good use. Fast forward seven months and we find out we're moving back to Korea and I decided there was no need for me to move all my dot stickers back overseas so I'm sharing the wealth over at my TAG SALE today. Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to put these dot stickers to good use.

D O T  S T I C K E R  P A C K A G I N G


1. Dot stickers

2. Cardstock or Kraft box

3. Scissors or X-acto knife or Paper cutter

4. Pencil 

5. Optional: 1/8" hole punch, bakers twine


1. Cut cardstock down to appropriate size.

2. Using a pencil lightly write a letter or draw a pattern on to your cardstock or box.

3. Place stickers over the penciled pattern, keeping the distance between the stickers an even width apart. (You can skip the penciled pattern and eyeball the pattern which is what I do.)

4. Erase pencil markings.

5. If making a gift tag, punch 1/8" hole at the end of one side and thread bakers twine through the hole.

6. Enjoy your pretty dot sticker pattern or letter! 



{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

We are moving to Korea in less than three weeks so it is time to purge and lighten up my studio load! You can check out a sneak peek of my TAG SALE right here. The TAG SALE goes live on Monday, November 28 at 9am PST. 



{Whimsy & Spice}

Who doesn't love giving and receiving yummy goodies? Whimsy & Spice is a Brooklyn based baking company founded by Mark Sopchak and Jenna Park. W&S creates amazing baked goods in the most wonderful combinations like Brown Sugar Gingerspice shortbread cookies, Massaman Peanut Butter cookies and Rose & Black Pepper Thumbprints. I am a huge fan of their pillowy soft Caramel marshmallows, the perfect touch to a piping hot cup of hot chocolate. And not only do they offer wonderful sweet treats but they also have a beautiful line of home accessories and prints that any foodie would love. 

I love supporting friends who are living their dreams through a creative lifestyle. Here are a few holiday sales going on by some of my favorite creatives.

1. Whimsy & Spice // 15% sale in their print shop today through Sunday 11/27/11 12am EST.

2. Scarf Shop // 15% sale through Saturday 11/26/11 // Code: GIVE

3. Wiksten // 15% sale through Sunday 11/27/11 // Code: THANKSGIVING



{Photograph by Sally J Shim}