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Our annual Advent Calendar is one of my favorite things to make every year and helps our family get into the Christmas spirit. I've been making advent calendars since the boys were little and have shared them over the years (here and here and here). This year I was inspired to revisit our kraft box advent calendar that is my most blogged about and pinned DIY project to date.

This year I designed simple black and white number labels and printed them onto white sticker paper. I always love a good kraft and black & white combo.

The boxes are mounted on a white matte board which is affixed to the wall using mounting tape.

Inside each box is a slip of paper with a family activity on it or a special treat for the boys. For the larger goodies that don't fit inside the kraft boxes, I place them in a wooden box near the advent calendar. I love how excited the boys are each morning to open up a new box. 

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One of my favorite things to make every holiday season is our Advent Calendar. Although I like some of the ones I made in the past , I always feel compelled to make a new one each year. There are so many amazing homemade Advent Calendars out there. I wanted to keep it simple and consistent with our black, white, and metallic color palette for holiday decorations. All of the supplies, except for the particle board, I had in my stash. 


1. Particle board (or plywood) - 24"x36"

2. Black cotton twill tape

3. Mini wood clothespins

4. Glassine envelopes - 2"x3"

5. White sticker paper

6. White cardstock

7. Circle paper punch - 1.25"

8. Masking tape

9. Paper cutter or scissors


1. Print out numbers 1-24 on to white sticker paper. (I used Helvetica.)

2. Punch out all the numbers using a 1.25" circle paper punch.

3. Cut off the flap of the glassine envelopes.

4. Place number stickers on to front of the glassine envelope.

5. Cut white cardstock in to 24 2"x3" cards (you may have to make them slightly smaller in order for them to easily slide into and out of the glassine envelope).

6. Write advent calendar activities on one side of mini card. (You can also print activities on to a 8.5"x11" piece of cardstock and then cut them down to size.) Slide advent calendar activity cards into envelopes.

7. Cut 4 28" pieces of black cotton twill.

8. Using masking tape, adhere ends of twill to back side of particle board, making them an even distance apart.

9. Use mini clothespins to clip on numbered envelopes on to twill tape.

10. Enjoy your new advent calendar!