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I am one of those people that cannot function without a to do list in hand. I know there are some amazing folks out there that keep all the important stuff all organized in their heads, but I am not one of them. I need to do lists, checklists, and calendars to keep me sane. And I actually admit that I usually have three to do lists in my studio on any given day because I am super paranoid about forgetting something or missing a deadline (and slightly addicted to crossing things off my list). Even though I love my trusty pen + paper to do list, I am always looking around for new ways to keep my life organized. Last year I designed my Hanging To Do List, which worked well for me. But after the move I parted ways with that system and went back to my notebook and pen method. The other day I was at the bookstore and found a lightweight black whiteboard that I thought I could use to write down my to do list. Once I spotted the Japanese neon dry erase markers I was sold! I swapped out the black chain that the black whiteboard was hanging from and replaced it with some neon masonry twine. The black whiteboard hangs above my desk and is doing a good job of reminding me about what things I need to take care of on any given day.