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The boys made these sweet candy robot valentines for their classmates in 2010. The robots were inspired by these sweet treat transmitters. You can find a template for the body here but we used small paper bags instead. The original post can be found here.

C A N D Y  R O B O T  V A L E N T I N E S


1. small black paper bags (found at local craft store)

2. Rolo candies

3. York peppermint patty candies

4. silver cardstock

5. silver pipe cleaners

6. white sticker paper

7. printer

8. scissors

9. tape

10. hot glue gun

11. Optional: Lifesavers (individually packaged), circle paper punch.

INSTRUCTIONS (for one Candy Robot Valentine)

1. Cut two 0.5" x 2" strips from silver cardstock. Optional: Use a circle paper punch to cut out a half circle at the end of each strip. 

2. Optional: Print name using this Barcode Font on to white sticker paper. Cut out the sticker. Print "From ___" stickers to seal the flap on the bag.

3. Place a few pieces of candy (or non candy goodies) inside black paper bag to weigh it down. 

4. Add sticker nameplate to front of the bag.

5. Tape silver cardstock strips to each side of the bag to create arms. Or make a small slit using an xacto knife and slide 0.5" of the cardstock inside the slit. Secure with tape.

6. Fold 1.5" of the top of the bag down towards back of bag. Secure with "From ___" sticker or clear tape.

7. Punch two holes on the top of the bag and place silver pipe cleaners through the holes to create antennae.

8. Glue two Rolos or Lifesavers on front of bag to create eyes.

9. Glue two York Peppermint Patty candies on the bottom of the bag to create feet.