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One of my favorite tasks during the book writing process is compiling the Resources page. I have been a craft/office/paper supply shopper for years and I love being able to share my sources. As a former online small business owner, I also have a strong appreciation for creative businesses. Throughout the years I have connected with several independent brands run by amazing creative women, whose products I happen to love and use in my own work. Today I want to share some of my favorite creative resources, which are included in my new book, Be Mine: 25 Paper Projects to Share the Love

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Another must-have in my craft toolbox is an X-acto knife and self-healing cutting mat. I admit I used to be scared to use an X-acto knife because I know people who have sliced their fingers with this sharp tool, but I've learned to be extra cautious. Although I love my trusty Dahle papercutter to cut sheets of paper, if you need to cut anything with details then an X-acto knife will be your best friend. I use X-acto knives when the paper craft I am working on requires precise cuts, like making freezer paper stencils. Make sure to replace the blade at the first sign of dullness to prevent any accidents caused by pressing too hard on a dull X-acto knife blade. Self-healing cutting mats are a must if you use an X-acto knife or rotary cutter. The self-healing cutting mats help keep your cutting blades from becoming dull and they are also handy when precise measurements are needed since each mat contains measurements and gridlines on the surface. I find it handy to have a small cutting mat for paper crafts and a large cutting mat for sewing projects. 



I discovered Xyron sticker machines after J was born (ten years ago!) and I remember thinking it was one of the best inventions ever! And the funny thing is I thought everyone knew about Xyron sticker machines until I started teaching Packaging 101 workshops. So although many of you might already know about them, I will be satisfied if I have enlightened just one person about the wonders of the Xyron sticker machine. The Xyron sticker machine comes in a variety of sizes. You can put fabric, paper, and various flat materials through the Xyron and an adhesive will be applied to the back of the material. I use it a lot for paper crafting by making paper cut outs in to stickers. I've also used it to with fabric scraps to make little gift toppers like this and my boys like to turn their little drawings in to stickers. If you don't have a Xyron sticker machine in your craft toolbox, I highy recommend one!