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I receive a lot of emails asking for recommendations for various supplies, tools, and resources. And many people requested through my first reader survey that I list my favorite supplies on my blog. So I decided that every week I will share one of my favorite things in my toolbox. For the first "In My Toolbox" post, I wanted to write about my favorite paper cutter. If you are new to paper crafting or a seasoned pro, having a nice quality paper cutter will save you time and make life easier. I've had my Dahle 552 paper cutter for over ten years and it still works as well as it did when I first bought it. My first paper cutter was an inexpensive one (the kind you can buy at your local craft store) and I disliked it because it didn't make perfectly straight cuts. This Dahle 552 paper cutter makes perfectly straight cuts and the self-sharpening blade is enclosed in a protective house so even my boys can use it (I always supervise them though). I love the fact that I have never had to replace the blade and it still is super sharp and I also love that you can make cuts in either direction. This model can cut paper up to 20 1/8" long which I find handy since I often use large sheets of paper for projects. The paper cutter is made of metal so it is quite sturdy. I definitely recommend Dahle paper cutters!