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Package No.5 from The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages was inspired by my love of personalizing gifts and edible treats. There are many mediums you can use when creating personalized gift tags, such as paper, fabric, and clay, but why not use a sweet treat like a caramel? I don't know anyone who wouldn't love to receive a personalized letter gift tag made of candy.

For this letter gift tag I used a piece of caramel and a mini letter cookie cutter, but you can use any semi-hard chewy candy. Just make sure to have extra candies as somehow they tend to disappear while you are making the letter tags, or at least they do when I'm making them.

For this package I cut out the first letter of the recipient's name, but you could cut out all the letters to spell out a person's name.


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I'm wrapping up the week (yes, pun intended) with Package No.4 from The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages. This packaging project was inspired by my love of handmade caramels. I don't know anyone who doesn't love unwrapping the waxed paper around a chewy caramel. I love the simplicity of this packaging with the waxed paper wrapping and the twisted ends.

The packaging has a natural look to it, incorporating unbleached waxed paper and natural twine. I designed Happy Holidays and Eat, Drink, and Be Merry gift labels to add the final touch to this package.

You don't have to limit this packaging idea to food items, roll up t-shirts, socks, or whatever you are giving to your friends and loved ones this year and wrap it up in some waxed paper.


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Package No.3 from The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages is inspired by my love of beautiful ribbon. My favorite ribbon is from Studio Carta, an amazing design studio run by Angela Liguori. If you love ribbon and packaging goods you you need to check out their online shop

Angela sent me some of her products and I immediately fell in love with Studio Carta's Tight Weave Cotton Ribbon. It has a beautiful texture and comes in a wide array of colors. I chose to use the Tight Weave Cotton Ribbon in Iron for this project, which is the perfect charcoal grey. 

Although any packaging with a simple ribbon tied around it is perfect in my book, for this project I wanted to personalize the ribbon with a message using a rolling alphabet stamp and a pigment ink pad. This method of stamping ribbon would also be ideal for personalizing party or wedding favors.


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On to Package No.2 of The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages! Two of my favorite things in the world are food and packaging. So it is probably no surprise that one of my favorite things to do is peruse the aisles of our local restaurant supply store for packaging inspiration. You can find so many things useful for wrapping gifts like food containers, waxed paper, and random food packaging products. I discovered the eco clamshell food containers years ago (and even used to sell them in my online shop) and love to use them to package sweet treats as well as regular gifts. They have a nice texture and are available in white or natural colors as well as a variety of sizes and shapes. If you don't have a restaurant supply store nearby also check out baking supply stores or online (here or here).

This is a simple packaging product that has an organic and minimal aesthetic with the textured food container, kraft gift tag, natural twine, and clear embossed label. I already mentioned my love of Dymo label makers and this is a perfect example of how you can use it to create beautiful packages.


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I had so much fun designing packaging ideas for The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages. I hope you find some inspiration and incorporate some of the ideas in to your own holiday packaging. Package No.1 was inspired by a walk I took with my boys. We found a sidewalk sprinkled with gold gingko leaves and my boys wanted to collect leaves and dry and press them at home. After several days underneath some of my heaviest books we had beautiful flat gingko leaves in the perfect shade of yellow. For this packaging project you can incorporate any type of leaf, just take a walk around the block and see what you find!


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One of the things I miss about living in the States (besides really good burgers, fries, and pies) are office supply stores. Although we have nice office supplies here in Korea, the selection is not as extensive as what you would find at your local Staples or Office Depot. Nonetheless, I always seem to come across an office supply goody that is perfect for packaging.

I found these plastic color letter index stickers and thought they could be used to personalize a gift. (I cannot find these exact stickers online, but these stickers would do the trick.) Spell out the recipient's name or write out a fun message.

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