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As you know, I love creating pretty packages and packaging holiday gifts is one of my favorite things to do in December. I loved creating The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages last year and had every intention of doing it again this year. And although I managed to create the twelve packages, I did not get around to photographing and blogging about them until now (work deadlines, holiday school parties and commitments got the best of me). But better late than never, right?

The great thing about the package designs is that they are not limited to the holidays, they can be used year-round for birthday gifts, party favors, etc. I chose some of my favorite colors, silver & grey, as the color palette for this year's The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages. 

Many of the packages are inspired by projects from my book, Pretty Packages, and only require a few supplies and materials. I know people think that it takes a lot of time to create a beautiful package, but if you have some basic materials and supplies at home, you can create a pretty package in less than five minutes. 

Package 1 / Letter Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages

Package 2 / Polka-Dot Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages

Package 3 / Letter Sticker Paper Lollipop Gift Topper

Package 4 / Crepe Paper Bow Gift Topper

Package 5 / Label Stickers Gift Card (inspired by the Label Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages)

Package 6 / Paper Rosette Gift Topper project from Pretty Packages

Package 7 / Corrugated Paper Book Wrap & Label Stickers Gift Card (inspired by the Label Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages)

Package 8 / Yarn Pom-Pom Topper & Handmade Glitter Tape Gift Wrap projects from Pretty Packages

Package 9 / Patterned Paper Mailing Tube with Letter Sticker Gift Tag (inspired by the Letter Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages)

Package 10 / SALLYJSHIM Merry & Bright Wrapping Paper with Mylar Bow (free download below)

Package 11 / Yarn Pom-Pom Topper project from Pretty Packages & Label Stickers Gift Tag (inspired by the Label Stickers Gift Wrap project from Pretty Packages)

Package 12 / Stitched Paper Garland project from Pretty Packages & SALLYJSHIM Snow Wrapping Paper (free download below)

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I had so much fun creating packages for The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages (see all the packaging projects here). There are many packages that did not make the final featured twelve packages, but I'm looking forward to sharing them with you through my WRAP series. My design aesthetic is quite minimalistic in nature, so if you like a little more glitz and glam I think these packaging projects provide a nice base for more dressed up packages. I also wanted to feature projects that could be created not only for the holidays, but year-round. Take away the holiday gift tags, gift bands, and gift labels, and you can easily use any of these ideas for birthday gifts, party/wedding favors, or part of the branding for your business. 

Thank you to everyone who tweeted, pinned, and posted about The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages

Happy Packaging!



Package No.12 of The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages was inspired by my love of paper crafts. Paper globes are a fun paper craft that are typically used for decoration. I’ve been making paper globes for years, you can see some of the different ways I have used paper globes in the past (as Christmas decorations & even as a bowl, Halloween decorations & pumpkins, party decorations).

I love making handmade gift toppers that the gift recipient can keep as a little memento so I thought making mini paper globes to adorn packages would be fun. This holiday paper globe gift topper has a little “Tis The Season To Be Jolly” message, but you can personalize your paper globe with the recipient’s name or a special message. Try handwriting a message with pretty metallic pens or use a printer to print your message with your favorite colors.

Paper brads come in a variety of sizes so you can make the paper globe gift topper different sizes. They also come in different colors as well as silver, gold, and bronze finishes.

I like to use lightweight card stock, which gives the paper globe a nice sturdy framework, but is not too thick that it makes it difficult to work with. 


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Package No.11 of The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages was inspired by my love of stitching on paper. One of my favorite ways to achieve texture and simple details in my packaging is pairing thread and paper. Although I like the ease of using a sewing machine, you can also use a needle and thread. The patterns can be simple or ornate and you can use one color or multiple colors of thread.

Another way to add texture to your packaging is to create little pleats by creasing the paper in uniform (or non-uniform) folds. You can use tape adhesive to secure the pleats, but I love adding stitching to the pleats.

Although I love the simplicity of the stitching on kraft paper, I added a little felt gift tag to Package No.11. This was my first time printing on felt and I’m hooked! The best felt to use for this project is lightweight stiff acrylic felt, something with minimal texture so that it will feed through the printer with ease.


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Package No.10 of The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages was inspired by my love of simple layers. Although I like to layer different papers when creating handmade packaging, I also love the look of layering fabric or cotton ribbon with paper. 

Package No. 10 combines both cotton ribbon and paper in a simple and sweet holiday package. An alternative to hand stamping cotton ribbon (Package No.3) is to print out paper gift bands and adhere them to cotton ribbon. 

And if you like the idea of personalizing ribbon, check out the Epson LabelWorks Printable Ribbon Kits, it is on my wish list!


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We are now three-fourths of the way through The Twelve Days of Holiday Packages, which means Christmas is right around the corner so I hope you have started thinking about how you will be packaging your gifts. If packages could be related then I would say Package No.9 is the cousin to Package No.8

Continuing with the theme of a neutral box and simple ribbon or twine with a mini embellishment, I painted dots on a small gold jingle bell. A ball stylus embossing tool is the perfect tool for making small dots. Some embossing tools have balls on both ends so you can make two different size dots. I dipped the embossing tool in some acrylic paint and turned the jingle bell into a dotty jingle bell.

I inserted a wooden skewer in the loop of the jingle bell to hold the bell still while painting on it. You can prop the skewer inside a mug to let it dry. I like the subtle white dots on gold, but feel free to paint bright dots for an extra pop of color. 


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