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It is that time of the year where I blog about popsicles! The warmer weather definitely puts me in the mood for some cold treats. I'm actually not much of an ice cream gal but I love sorbets, gelato and fruity ice treats. Many of the popsicles you find in the stores here in Korea are loaded with sugar and artificial colors and flavors so I've been making homemade pops as a healthier alternative. There are so many options when it comes to popsicles and they are so easy to make. Last week I turned some leftover homemade lemonade in to lemonade pops using our favorite popsicle molds. I also made some berry smoothie pops and fruity yogurt pops. My favorite pops so far are the blackberry/raspberry/blueberry/kiwi/pineapple pops with a surprise vanilla ice cream center. I blended up the frozen fruit with yogurt, splash of orange juice, milk and honey. Instead of popsicle molds I used plastic cups and wood sticks. Fill 1/3 of the cup with the fruity mix, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and then fill the rest of the cup with the fruity mix. I use a chopstick to make sure the fruity mix surrounds the ball of ice cream and then insert the wood stick in the center of the cup, cover with plastic wrap and freeze overnight. These surprise ice cream pops were a big hit with the boys!