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Since our arrival to Busan I've been able to enjoy some much needed down time. Let's just say I'm making up for the few months of craziness leading up to our move. The boys and I have been enjoying our leisurely days walking around our neighborhood, eating at local hole-in-the-wall restaurants, making frequent trips to the bakery and visiting with old friends. Since our shipment from the States won't arrive for another month or so there isn't a whole lot for me to do as far as settling in to our new home. I've been taking a bit of a break from "work" until I can get my studio set up here in Busan although I am in the planning stages for a few new projects that I cannot wait to share. The boys start school next week and I will be creating a new routine for myself. I will be resuming classes with my old Korean instructor (in case you're wondering I am far from fluent in Korean), taking Korean cooking classes, volunteering at the boys' school and crafting/creating/working from home. This year my goal is to say "YES" to things that excite and challenge me and "NO" to things I feel I should do out of obligation or routine. A blog goal for 2012 is to share some of the things I love about Korea which of course includes good food and pretty paper goods. I decided to start a new weekly "I LOVE KOREA" blog series to highlight some of my finds with the hope of bringing a little bit of Korea to you.

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