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Sheet masks are extremely popular here in Korea. You can find them everywhere and they have a wide variety of formulas as well as price points. I usually pick up sheet masks at Olive Young or Boons, but you can find them online. Although I did not include them in my skincare routine post, I use sheet masks 2-3 times a week. The sheet masks are soaked in essence with various formulas (for brightening, tightening, moisturizing) that absorbs into your skin. The sheet masks can be made of fine cotton fabric or gel (I prefer the gel masks). After cleansing my face, I apply the sheet mask (they either come in a full sheet mask or in two parts) by removing the sheet mask from the plastic backing and placing it on your face by pressing down around your eyes and nose area and smoothing out the mask towards the hairline. Sheet masks should be left on for 15-20 minutes. After taking the sheet mask off, I massage my face and pat the remaining essence on my skin and follow with eye creme and facial creme on my face and neck. After using a sheet mask I always wake up with smooth and supple skin. Although I have a variety of sheet masks in my stash, my favorite is the Dr. Jarts+ Brightening Gel Mask*. The Dr. Jarts+ Brightening Mask is a thin gel mask and does a great job moisturizing my skin. I also like the Dewy Tree Deep Detox Black Mask which is a thin black fabric mask (see photo below) and although I'm not sure if it is really detoxing my skin, my skin feels moisturized after applying the mask. If you haven't ventured in to the exciting world of sheet masks, you should give them a try! And if you are a sheet mask fan like me, please let me know your favorites! 

* I could not locate the Dr. Jarts Brightening Gel Mask online, but  this mask looks very similar.




Moving back to Korea has reminded me that Korean women really know how to take care of themselves, especially their skin. I've mentioned my skincare routine and makeup routine before but I'm trying to make a bit more effort to step up my skincare routine a notch or two. I recently had my first Korean facial which was quite an experience. Although I've had some facials back in the States the one I had here was different since it involved massage boots on my feet and legs (which actually felt really good after all the running I've been doing lately) and arm and upper chest massage (I had to warn the aesthetician that I am very ticklish). The facial itself involved a long massage and a thick cooling mask which left my skin feeling really clean and smooth. Although I plan to get facials on a more regular basis I'm not sure I can commit to going once a week (which was what my aesthetician recommended). I figured I could do a bit of maintenance at home so I ventured out to our local beauty shop. If you've ever been to Korea you will notice there are tons of beauty stores everywhere you look which makes it a bit overwhelming to decide what to buy and where to buy it. I know there are tons of beauty blogs out there that review Korean products but I opted to go into an Innisfree store and randomly browse their skincare goods. I spotted their Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask because it had a "Bestseller" sign next to it (somehow this kind of advertising works on me regarding beauty products). I was intrigued by the coordinating Jeju Volcanic Steam Towel (yes, the cute packaging was also a big selling point) and decided to purchase both items. You need to moisten the steam towel with water, heat it up in the microwave and place it on your face for several minutes to open up your pores. Then you apply the mask all over your face (I also apply it to my neck), let it dry and rinse it off. It made my face feel smoother and did not tighten up my face the way some masks do. I plan to keep using this mask every week until it runs out. If there are any skincare products you love, please share!