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{Photographs by Sally J Shim}

Last week j's teacher gave the students a fun little assignment. They were each given a paper doll cut out of white card stock and were told to dress it up based on what each child wanted to be when they grow up. Parent help was strongly encouraged as well as being creative with the materials used. My little j chose "Chef" which is so fitting since he is a budding foodie. We looked at chef's uniforms on the computer and he picked out the white jacket, hat and gingham pant combo. I printed out a photograph of him and he helped me cut out his face. While I cut out a hat and jacket from white card stock and pants from black & white cotton gingham, j colored the body and shoes on. The buttons were made out of a small hole punch and we glued everything on to the paper doll base. We had the most fun making Chef Judah's tools. The knife was made out of a scrap of chipboard [I cut out the shape and j colored the handle and glued aluminum foil on to the blade area]. The cutting board was made of two pieces of wood veneer glued together and the sashimi is a piece of gummy candy cut into slices [j's favorite part of the project!]. The whisk was made from wire and the handle is a small piece of aluminum foil wrapped around the wire. Lastly the frying pan was made out of a plastic water bottle cap with a pipe cleaner wrapped around it and the ends twisted into a handle, then the entire thing was covered in aluminum foil. Although this was an assignment for j we will definitely be making more paper dolls and little tools and accessories in the near future. This is definitely a fun rainy day activity for little kids [and big kids like me]!