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One of my favorite things about our new home in Busan is the amazing view. Our place overlooks the East Sea and we are fortunate to be able to enjoy the sun rising and setting every day. Instagram friends know that I've started a habit of photographing sunrises and sunsets almost every day. It amazes me how each sunrise and sunset looks different and how quickly the sun moves as it rises and descends each morning and evening. I always like to look down at the beach and see at least a handful of people enjoying the sunrise or sunset on a given day. It is just a small way for us to slow down and enjoy the natural beauty around us.

A few lovely links:

1. I am a huge fan of Erin Jang's design work and her latest FOOD SKETCH project is so fantastic. She promises to include non-Korean food but I'm secretly (or I suppose not so secretly) hoping she does at least a dozen Korean food sketches and turns it in to a 2013 calendar!

2. I'm in love with SCARFSHOP's January color-on-the-month, Azalea. I love all my SCARFSHOP scarves (Appah even has one) and wear one almost every day.

3. Although I love living in Busan I have to admit I'm not that inspired fashion-wise here so thank goodness for fashion blogs like Citizen Couture. I found this site via Suann of SIMPLESONG (who has a knack for finding the prettiest things on the web) and am so inspired by it. 



It is a Korean tradition to watch the sunrise on the first day of the new year. Haeundae Beach, the beach we live on, is one of the most popular beaches in South Korea so thousands of people flock here every January 1. It was a very chilly and overcast morning so we enjoyed watching the sunrise from the comfort of our home. Although normally the sun rises around 7:25am this particular morning the sun didn't make its appearance until after 8:00am. It was amazing to see so many people gather at the beach to welcome the first sunrise of 2012. I'm so happy our family was able to participate in this wonderful tradition.