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Our family friend just returned from the Olympics in London and brought back some goodies for the boys. These Animal Hands and Monster Hands temporary tattoos were a big hit with the boys who have a fondness for tattoos. Each pack contains eight designs and they are pretty easy to apply (you might have to fiddle with the "mouth opening" to make sure it matches the tattoo size). There are also many other tattoos like Festive Hands, Scary Hands, Dino Hands, Robot Hands and Finger Farm. These tattoos would make great gifts or party favors for tattoo loving kids (and adults)! 



You've probably already heard of TATTLY, designy temporary tattoos for kids (and adults) of all ages. TATTLY is the brainchild of SWISSMISS and we recently received a sweet package of tattoo goodness thanks to my friend Bekka. The boys were so excited to see all the cool designs and had so much fun picking out their first TATTLYs.

J picked out Clouds and Freckles (the bunny).

And j picked out Freckles and You're Late.

It is funny how the boys both picked out Freckles without knowing the other one chose it. Bunny Brothers Unite!


I have to say the quality of TATTLYs is far superior to any other tattoos we have used in the past. The colors are quite vivid and if you're careful when washing up the tattoos can last 3-4 days. And if you browse the TATTLY site you will see they have a wonderful selection of designs (and they keep adding to the mix on a regular basis). You don't see many kids in Korea with tattoos so the boys have received many inquiries from classmates, teachers and random people. We've been burning through our package of TATTLYs and will have to restock soon especially since it is short sleeve t-shirt weather, ideal for showing off tattoos. And if you love the designs but are not a tattoo person you have to check out the TATTLY blog for ideas on how to use their tattoos on glass bottles, notebooks, etc.