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Happy Valentine's Day, Friends! This is the sweet Valentine's Day gift J & j made for me this year. I love how j pointed out that I could keep it forever (and didn't have to return the Lego pieces to them). This gift was also a good reminder to me that handmade gifts are simply the best. They don't have to be fancy, but knowing someone set aside time to make something with you in mind is quite special. This year one of my goals is to make more handmade gifts for my loved ones. Wishing you a wonderful day with those you love. 




I admit I've gone a bit Valentine's Day crazy over here, but I have a few more projects I want to share with you. Here are some simple + sweet valentines you can whip up for your friends and loved ones. There are four different valentine designs and my favorite thing about these valentines is you can let your creativity run wild. Add a little bag of sweet treats, paper punch shapes, cupcake topper that doubles as a cute little paper flag, photograph, balloon, or fabric heart. 

I always keep a stash of clear self-sealing bags handy. You can add candy (I found those heart candies here in Busan, but you can find something similar here) or heart sprinkles. I love making little paper flags to put on top of gifts of add to a card using a strip of washi tape.

You can also add a heart balloon using a bit of washi tape. I love paper punches and used a tiny heart punch and hole punch to create the card on the top right. The bottom left valentine was made using this Martha Stewart punch and the bottom right is a fabric heart similar to the ones I made here.

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