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One of my boys' favorite toys growing up was a toy cash register full of toy money. Although they don't use the toy cash register as much as before, they still use the play money. Play money is not only fun for kids to play with it but it also helps them learn how to count, add, and subtract money. So as another non-candy valentine alternative (see other non-candy alternatives here and here and here) I thought it would be fun to design "I Can Count On You" Valentine printables and attach a set of play money.

You can purchase play money online or at your local educational supply store. If you cannot locate play money try packaging a set of number magnets or number cards.

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Are you getting excited for Valentine's Day? I'll be sharing some new Valentine's Day projects and printables next week and in the meantime I thought I would review some of the printables I designed in previous years. For the packages above I used my Valentine's Day Heart Gift Wrap printable and Valentine's Day Cupcake Topper printable.

This Tic Tac Toe Valentine printable is one of the most popular printables on this site. The original design was created back in 2011 for the boys' classmates and last year I re-designed it and offered it as a free printable

These valentines were made using the Valentine's Day Handmade Cards printables (four different designs). You can add sweet treats, trinkets, drawings, or photographs to the cards.

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