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One of the things I appreciate the most about my mother is how she exposed my siblings and me to so many things when we were younger. Although I grew up in a small college town I probably took every kind of lesson out there, some of which I kept up with for years (dance, piano, swimming, tennis, violin) and others for a shorter period of time (guitar, gymnastics, theater). I honestly don't know how she kept up with all our activities, lessons, and competitions, but she did it because she wanted to help us become well-rounded individuals. 

And although she was raising three children, she continued to challenge herself as well. When I was three years old my mother decided that we would all learn violin. I remember how me, my sister, my brother, and my mother would shuffle to violin lessons on Saturdays. Now that I am a mother of two boys, I've been thinking about what I want to expose my children to and what we could learn together. This summer I am planning to set aside art time for me and the boys. Although the boys spend a lot of time drawing, making origami, and random crafts throughout the year, I feel like I haven't exposed them to different art mediums. So this summer we will be having a mini art camp at Casa Shim. First on the list: Watercolors! I purchased watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, brushes, paper, and a paint palette. After school gets out late June I plan to surprise the boys with their watercolor kits.

I tinkered a bit with watercolors for a project and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. There is something soothing about watching the watery colors come together. I designed some gift tags for the watercolor kits by scanning in a print I was working on.

I wrapped them up in good ol' kraft paper and twine. Although I think putting them into a plastic kit, like the art kits I made, would be a good idea. You can print the watercolor kit tags on cardstock or white sticker paper to make them in to labels.

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Jennifer Vallez's latest watercolor illustrations have been popping up on my Instagram feed and I could not be more in love! Not only is she a wonderfully talented artist (and clothing designer, illustrator and doll maker) but her style is amazing. If only her sketches would turn into a clothing line (hint, hint), I would be so happy! Jen hasn't added her watercolor illustrations to her shop yet, but stay tuned!!