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I had grand plans to make Christmas gifts for friends and family before our overseas move. And although we've done an international move before I think I must have forgotten how crazy the few months prior to the move can truly be. So long story short only a few gifts were made (everything else was store bought) and sent out. One of my favorite handmade gifts was a simple wood bead necklace. J made dyed wood bead necklaces for a 2nd grade market at school last year and we had leftover wood beads. J wanted to make some more necklaces but I ran out of dye so we ended up using what I had in my studio which included my favorite Knot & Bow gold glitter twine (a craft supply must-have in my book) as well as some brass nuts. I gave the supplies to J and he made several necklaces with the help of j. This is a fun and easy project for kids and adults.

W O O D  B E A D  N E C K L A C E


1. wood beads (found at your local craft store)

2. twine (Knot & Bow makes thick, nice quality twine)

3. brass nuts (found at your local hardware store or you can substitute with brass beads)

4. scissors


1. Cut three pieces of twine to the desired length of the necklace.

2. Thread beads on to twine in any order or pattern.

3. Optional: Knot before first and after last bead if you don't want the beads to move around on the necklace. 

4. Tie ends of twine together.

5. Enjoy your new simple wood bead necklace!

6. Variations: You can braid the twine, substitute the twine with yarn or strips of jersey, add beads or brass tubing, dye or paint the beads.

A big thanks to Erin at Knot & Bow for sending me some spools of her glitter twine to use for this project!