{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

Have you seen the Not Without Salt & SHIMTOKK collaboration? If you love cookies and you're a giver at heart I think you might like it! Check it out here.



{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

For those who have been following me over at SHIM & SONS know that our family spent a year living overseas in Busan, South Korea. I was really unsure what to expect since I had only been to Korea once when I was 3.5 years old. But it turned out to be an amazing year and filled with so many wonderful memories. As soon as we returned back to the States we were longing to be back in Busan. Although we were able to go back to visit our friends and enjoy our old stomping grounds last March, Appah and I continued dreaming about moving back to Busan while the boys are still young. And guess what? Our DREAM is coming TRUE!! In two months The Shim Family will be settling in to our new home in Haeundae Beach, Busan. I am beyond thrilled and feel so blessed to have been given a second opportunity to live in our favorite city. And I'm happy to finally be able to share it with all of you. This move is long term so we are clearing out the house and only bringing the essentials (hence all the major purging going around Casa Shim the past month). The boys are excited but also sad to leave their friends. Although once we told them we are living on the beach their eyes lit up (apparently you can't beat the beach as your front yard). The reality of our move finally kicked in once we received confirmation from the international school the boys will be attending and now I am madly creating spreadsheets of everything that needs to happen between now and our departure. One thing I regret about the last time we lived in Busan is not taking more photographs and documenting our lives there. This time around I am not going to make the same mistake. I'll definitely continue sharing my favorite eats, shops and design goods but from my new home base in Busan, South Korea. 



{Layout from Oh Joy! & Babble}

It has been a busy week here at SALLYJSHIM. I was delighted to be featured on this week's Oh Joy's closet & casa. To tell you the truth I struggled a bit picking a favorite clothing item and home accessory because I know the Joy's blog aethestic is bright and colorful and well, my favorite color is grey. But I stayed true to myself and picked one of my favorite dresses which I made last fall (and wear all the time). I've received many inquiries about the dress pattern so I will share it very soon (along with some suggestions if you are planning to make one yourself). I was also honored to be a part of Babble's Top 50 Design Blogs for Mom, 2011. Wow, I am in some amazing company and was very happy to see so many of my mommy blogger friends on the list. 

It is interesting to look back on my blog journey, starting over six years ago with a personal blog and then slowly making it into a personal (but more public) blog which all led to my SALLYJSHIM blog. I really do love this space and enjoy cataloging and documenting my life here. I want to thank each and every one of you who comes to visit this space, I really appreciate your support and kind words.




{Photograph by Bonnie Tsang}

Seeing Miss V and the boys together makes my heart smile. I've mentioned their special friendship before and Bonnie has captured them on many of our adventures together. They are definitely very comfortable together and have no problem hamming it up for the camera.


j + J 

HATS // Target

SHIRTS // Target


SHOES // Converse

BACKPACKS // Fjällräven Kånken


SOCKS  //  Gap

SHOES // Converse



After having my second manicure and seeing how nice my nails looked when they are given a bit of TLC I decided to try to incorporate a simple nail care routine in my life. I did a bit of online research and decided on the following routine. Step One, clip and file. Step Two, buff the surfaces of my nails. Step Three, apply cuticle remover. (I use Blue Cross cuticle remover because it had good reviews on Makeup Alley. I bought a huge bottle at our local Sally Beauty Supply.) Step Four, remove cuticles with cuticle trimmer. Step Five, apply my few coats of my favorite Essie nail polish (above from left to right, Geranium, Power Clutch and Mesmerize). Step Six, seal the nail polish with Seche Vite dry fast top coat. Thanks to Anna for the Seche Vite recommendation because prior to using this top coat my manicures would only last a few days before getting a chip (the drawbacks of constantly using my hands for crafting or cooking) and now I can go about 5-6 days before my first chip appears. I usually leave my nails bare for 2-3 days in between manicures to let them breathe a bit. You can find some fun nail polish related posts over at The Beauty Department. If you have any nail care recommendations or tips please share!



{Photograph by Sally J Shim}

There are so many wonderful food blogs out there and it is hard to keep up with them all. But one of my favorites is Molly Wizenberg's blog, Orangette. Last year I came across Molly's Chicken Stew with a Secret Weapon recipe and decided to try it out since the boys love chicken soup. I followed the recipe but added potatoes and corn and alphabet pasta. It is flavorful and hearty, perfect comfort food. And now that the weather is cooling down I've been making extra for the boys' school lunches which is a big hit.