Welcome to my new creative project – SALLYJSHIM TRAVELOGUE.

One of my favorite things to do is explore new cities and countries, as well as revisit cities that I have fallen in love with. Over the years I have traveled to 13+ countries and have many more on my "to visit one day" list. Although I started my journey as a world traveler in my 30s, after a stint as expats in South Korea, the travel bug is still in full effect. Born and raised in the States, these days I spend three-fourths of the year in South Korea and one-fourth of the year in the States and traveling around the world. 

As a designer and author, traveling and exploring provide creative inspiration for my work. I hope @sallyjshimtravelogue is a place to go when you have a case of wanderlust or need a little creative pick-me-up. I'll be sharing highlights from my travels, as well as my favorite spots in my new home base of Seoul and second home, Busan. If you enjoy traveling, eating good food, and exploring new places, then @sallyjshimtravelogue is for you!

You can also find me on Instagram at @sallyjshim, where I share snippets of my life as a designer, author, wife, and mother of two boys.

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